Thanh Thuy’s story, her first twenty years (2/3)

               Was it this loss of optimum health, my hormonal rubbing, the effects of old radiologic equipment in my dental office, or the combination of all those factors that had changed my physiologic milieu so that 8 years after the birth of my first child,  I now have an adorable baby girl who nevertheless has trisomy 21.

                The arrival of this new baby in our family was a big event.
The prayers in front of the altars of Buddha and of the ancestors were so much more insistent than with her big brothers.

And to give the appearance of overjoy at her birth event proved to be a tremendous effort and intense pain for me and my husband.

               Our first meeting with Professor Réthoré, who has since been a pivotal anchor in the care of Thuy, was therefore of great help to control our distress and regain our hope.
Dr Réthoré helped us accept Thuy for who she was.
She also helped us realize the treasure of affection our baby had in store for us, and provided us with the ability to cope with the situation in order to give her the best of care.

               Of our three children, Thuy was the one who had the most sumptuous first birthday, two celebrations that lasted two weeks for all our sixty family members and friends to attend.
Thuy wore a bright pink dress that enhanced her soft glowing skin tone. Her sparse hair and one of her sticking out ears were artistically hidden under a cute cap created for this purpose.
She made us so proud of her dainty delicate figure.

               I wondered whether there was any question in the mind of our guests about her appearance.
In any case, everybody enjoyed the festive occasion and complimented us on Thuy’s glowing complexion.

              That whole year, Thuy received all our affection and attention, which attention rendered her even more precious to us.

               In fact, Thuy had never been really behind in reaching all her milestones, which were acquired almost at the same time as all the babies of her age.
That was a big encouragement to us.

               From the first session in Professor Réthoré’s office, Thuy had been given medications of six months’ duration at a time.
These medications were to mainly provide her the full complement of amino acids and to counteract her potential hyperactivity, to keep her calm and relaxed.

               Professor Réthoré, whom we will never praise enough for her caring competency, always kept a very close eye on Thuy’s progress, her weight, her reflexes and milestone achievements.

              I still and always will remember the day when she told us that Thuy was very alert and was so mildly affected by her condition.
That was as if a beam of sunray had pierced the darkness around me and knowing that was a big recompense for our ordeal and efforts.

               It all came back then in my memory, the long hours when I held her in my arms, talked to her tenderly, trying to impart to her all my energy, the lengthy sessions when I prayed with her and for her in front of the altars for the benediction and the protection of Lord Buddha, the Tathãgata Fully Enlightened , and the Boddhisattva of Compassion Avalokiteshvara.

               That desire and wish for Thuy to be like all the other children became my permanent obsession , my raison d’être and my life.

               All through my first sessions with Professor  Réthoré, my questions for her were the questions of all parents with mentally challenged children :
“What will my daughter be capable of doing? Will she be able to read, to write, to speak” ?
“Yes, she will be able to speak, she actually will be able to do almost anything the other children do, however at her own pace, slower, and the extent of her capabitity is linked to the degree of her genes involvement .
On the other hand, she would not be able to grasp abstract concepts such as reading musical notes, driving a car etc..”
And all the while during her talk, my mind at each moment recorded the list of things that Thuy would be able to do or not to do.

               Life centered on Thuy was like a thick fog on all our endeavors.

               However I tried to lead an almost normal familial and professional lives, and to participate in busy social activities, but all those were only mere appearances .
As soon as I arrived home, I spent all my time teaching Thuy how to read with cards pointing to different parts of the human body, a method devised from the translated work of an American author, Glen Doman.
Later on, I came to realize that this method was meant for gifted children!!!

               Whatever, at the age of 18 months, what Thuy knew by heart was in the vicinity of a hundred spoken words.
She continued her diligent training until she joined a regular kindergarten class followed by a model class where she could receive an excellent and very appropriate education until the primary second grade.
Later, she attended scholastic institutions with special classes consisting of  a reduced number of pupils.


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  • Mai Huong-Duy  De 9 septembre 2012 à 8 h 32 min

    Ton site web est superbe. Ta maman a très bien raconté ton histoire avec l’amour qu’elle te porte.Tu sera toujours son plus beau bébé, quelque soient tes particularités.
    Bien sûr, tu n’es plus un bébé .
    Je me rapelle de ton premier anniversaire; j’avais dix ans et tu portais une robe rose pêche et un bonnet. J’avais bien aimé car il y avait beaucoup de bonnes choses à manger et plein de copains; j’avais beaucoup joué avec Giang-Tiên, la fille ainée de Bac Thiên-Huong.
    Tes parents ont organisé beaucoup de fêtes à la maison, rassemblant les amis autour du piano.Ta maison fait partie de mes bons souvenirs d’enfance et de jeune fille car j’y ai rencontré beaucoup d’amis nouveaux. Tu étais là à ces fêtes, toujours mise en beauté dans de belles robes.
    Tes tableaux sont splendides; je préfère le « Soleil en mer ». Tu mets tes idées dans tes tableaux; c’est un mode de communication. Tu as beaucoup d’imagination.
    Félicitation pour ton talent. Je note les dates d’exposition.
    Ecris- moi quand tu as le temps, j’aime bien avoir de tes nouvelles.
    Je t’embrasse bien fort.

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