Thuy a kind-hearted artist 2/5

Translated from French by « P’tit bout de choux de Bruxelles »

             Sometimes to show their kindness to Thuy,  acquaintances, both artists and people who weren’t artists, would commend her talents especially for the resulting vibrant or rich colours and to encourage me to display her paintings.
             Slowly, I became fixated upon the idea of displaying Thuy’s art because I honestly found her paintings beautiful, with the hope that the expositions would help improve her self-esteem and help her out of her shell, and to prove that disabled people are simply different and can have artistic sensibilities .










             So all my efforts went to this goal. We started by putting the most striking and iconic paintings in frames and then continued in this order.
             And the price of framing the paintings eventually overcame the prices of her art lessons and very quickly the majority of the space in our basement is reserved for Thuy’s paintings .
             Then, I began to think about places that would be likely to display Thuy’s paintings. Eventually I managed to have her artwork presented in a variety of places including the town hall, library and art gallery .




      Her artworks were also presented in Ha Noi .



             After this exposition the Vietnamese television travelled to France to film a document on Thuy.

Video of Thuy at the Vietnamese Television ( subtitled in English )



             While filming the television crew told me that Thuy’s paintings were so rich in colour and she put together so harmoniously that they would look amazing on “ao dai” ( the Vietnamese traditional dress) . This remark stuck with me as I knew Thuy’s paintings wouldn’t be able to touch a large public even displayed in a number of places.
             Therefore, when I travelled to Vietnam, with the help of some artist friends, I went on the hunt for craftsmen who would be able to create silk scarves with the designs of Thuy’s art printed on them .
             And these meetings with artists and craftsmen became a large part of my trips to Vietnam. Unfortunately the distance and difficulty to communicate meant that these projects never formed .    

             Thus, after a few unsuccessful attempts, the idea came to me to simply search in France where I live, and naturally, I went to Lyon, which has always been home to silk .


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